JZX Update May, 05, 2010

April saw greater volatility than the previous months of 2010. The broader JZBE^ was strong off the upcoming warmer seasons and more notably the running sector, which saw very good gains for the month. Adding to JZBE^ enthusiasm multiple trips to the dentist raised mouth shares to year highs. Both running & mouth assets are predicted to have a solid May as well. On the JZLE^ the libido industries saw solid growth throughout the month. Spring is traditionally the strongest period for sector. Drawing also advanced nicely notable towards the middle of the month. Tech shares have kept their gains from the previous 2 months to spite a delay in the rumored Z-Exchanges trading platform.

Although the month saw over all growth the un-organized assets fell sharply with a projected spring-cleaning and newly acquired organizational tools hitting the sector hard. Painting assets stabilized though the overall consensus is they will continue to fall over the next quarter. Also falling sharply were pain shares caused by the dentists fixing multiple tooth related problems.

Inflation overall is up from spring fever. However a cold spell is containing some of the problems, regardless the Zederal Reserve Bank is watching the situation closely. Long term Z-Bonds have preformed solidly from continual support from my girlfriend. It also appears the Bank’s intervention to shed off boredom is starting to bare fruit.