JZX Update Nov, 02, 2009

October was a volatile month seeing strong volumes of exchange on the JZLE, especially during the last two weeks. The month’s biggest winners were in the thinking, & intellectual markets thanks to the construction of several new markets based on alternative value systems. Also doing very well were the guilt assets because of being at such a long distance from home, notably my mother, since a very long time. Dinner party related commodities ended the month on a high, mostly due to the fact my lasagne has become a hotly sought after meal ticket.

The biggest losers for the month were in the fear & dishevelled markets. Fear lost ground due to strong animosity for certain aspects of the professional world. Dishevelled stocks are down thanks to continual cleaning for dinner guests.

Stress markets are looking to come off their highs from the previous few months. Though some risk is still present. A cavity in my tooth could cause a rise in the pain assets.

Treasuries remain unchanged with a very slight amount of pressure on the long term Z-Bond due to a season change. Money markets remained a strong refuge from the month’s volatility.