JZX Update Nov, 02, 2011

The tooth fairy strikes back pushing up pain shares after speculation of new decay issues in the mouth sector. Apero related stocks stumble upwards thanks to the introduction of Maker’s Mark providing better than expected earnings. Monthly volume was slightly up going into a traditionally high exchange season.

Consistent after hour exchanges in October saw sleep assets caught in a steady slumber producing strong amounts of ZZZ’s, while pushing earnings to the high end of market expectations. Benefiting greatly Z Dreams shares saw continued craziness featuring paranoia, anxiety, sex, stardom, fish and peanuts helping earnings float upward. Conversation capital earnings remained strong as continued exchanges between me myself and I start to boarder on self-indulgent. Manly smell proliferates the sports sector as its best performers are odor related assets due to sports apparel producing aromas that resemble used bed sheets from a brothel in Montmartre in1880. The success sector took a turn for the good, notably thanks to exchanges with Jacques Salomon producing positive sentiment and growth. Never the less jealousy production ramped up after multiple exchanges produced the realization that luck may be more important than merit. To spite the rise in jealousy assets ego sector earning were largely tamed by new Buddhist minded reflective interventions. Questioning helped pull up the intellectual sector with past marketing research beginning to help bare fruit.

The month’s losers featured neighbor shares felling sharply as multiple noisy drunken negative exchanges out weighed helpful transactions. Nervous system stocks tremble from lack of control causing the shakes and a slide in earnings. Insomnia faded away thanks to a sleeping production oriented hour change spurring on an already poor performance. Stomach pain earnings lose their flair as the oversupply of acid dried up causing shares to hit their lowest levels of 2011. However blandness hurts taste related capital as supply disruptions continue to cause production problems. To spite normal obsessional exchange levels libido shares went limp producing dismal end of the month earnings, most likely attributed to the first signs of cold. Constipation allowed big slides disappointing market expectations and causing a plop in share price.

Treasuries showed stability with healthy amounts of inflation, overall relationships growth have been reported as stable long-term value investments. The debut of a colder darker living environment in Europe could put pressure on erotic Zbonds. However the Zederal Reserve expects to see continued stable results going into the next two months.