JZX Update Nov, 03, 2008

Nov, 2008 Here are the monthly market updates for my markets. The JZLE saw a great deal of volatility especially towards the end of the month with the total of stress related assets advancing significantly. The intellectual markets ended up being October’s biggest loser because of a great deal of manual labour to issue various stock certificates and funds for the Slick Art Fair. However the market should rapidly regain it’s footing throughout November thanks to planned writing and research sessions at the Sorbonne. The JZBE has also seen a significant amount of movement as a residual affect from the movement in the stress markets. Treasuries Under lying inflationary pressures are pushing up but kept in balance by a lower than normal libido level. The next month’s forecast is the stress markets will give back some of the gains from the last months. As noted earlier much attention will be paid to the theories and research markets. Over all there should be lower levels of volatility however taking in count the past 2 months a certain level of uncertainty remains.