JZX Update Nov, 03, 2010

Typical autumn volatility has taken control of the broader JaZoN Exchanges. Following normal social trends from the past five years on record, interaction assets featured gains on par with market expectations and helped slay the dragon of deflationary loneliness. Continued growth in the health living sector saw a strong second month when it was announced that bicycling would be the primary means of transport well into November and very possibly December. However sheer market boredom due to running in small circles inside Parisian parks, in addition to the rise in the Biking sector, has hurt the running industries during the last two weeks, with future prospects for growth appearing fairly limited. Allergies have weighed in hard on the JZBE, but look to see recent gains hampered by an ending of the fall season. Stress related equities have been volatile and may see strong results following any significant movements in the USD and EURO exchange rates.

Following better than expected inflation sentiment in September and October most of the downward Bond pressure has alleviated and deflationary fears have essentially subsided. November’s interactions gauge is showing continued stability in the bond market with the *JPI (JaZoN Price Index) pointing to a slight deflationary risk with the Fellowship & Love dollars.