JZX Update Nov 3rd, 2012

Last month’s results tasted very bland across the board as continual repetitiveness plagued volatility and hampered growth and declines. The Zederal Reserve has stated it will start a new round of quantitative easing to stimulate alcohol consumption with the aim of increasing market stupidity and spurring adverse wow oriented chaotic activities.

Sports shares stumbled, fell on face assets, got up, and kept going to spite a wet production environment, lethargic output capacity, and poorer than expected balance.

A mid month bout of health volatility put massive pressure on sinus capital and turned libido output limp. Adding to the XXX sectors production problems a lack luster performance in excitement assets caused market supply to out pace market demand by 3 to 1.

Teeth share’s lost a new chip, while intellectual sector earnings were mixed due to hung-over brain production combined with new creative outlets.

Inflation was on target for short term growth with long-term stability in 3 plus year relation instruments.