JZX Update Oct, 03, 2011

Snap, Crak … Oh Sh7% … ended September with a near death experience, “once again,” as a broken break cable almost ended market action totally and caused a crash in biking assets. Successful, rapid, intervention was able to stabilize the sector and avoid extended losses. Volume of exchange for the month was moderate to normal with less volatility than the previous two months.

September saw a surprise spike in bi-polar sentiment as melancholic attitude sparked price volatility in stress assets, followed by large market movements in cheerfulness propensity helping to advance contented related capital. Weddings boosted earnings in the Pleasant and Charming sector as new introductions raised demand for statesmanship significantly during mid-month exchanges. However ZAnalysts predict a rapid return to less cordial earnings based on not giving a shit about what those jerks think. The coming online of the 2012 NFL season bolstered sports watching, as the drinking sector saw increased beer consumption and conversing assets made gains founded on the new debate topic. Earnings are expected to grow through the fourth quarter, better than the scoreboard of the NY Jets. The running sector ran into a lucky patch supplied by mother nature has a surprise stretch of nice weather has keep exchange volumes and earnings in an upward motion.
To spite a lack of eye crustiness and sneezing, the Allergy industries are predicted to post strong earnings during the next month leading speculation that share prices may be undervalued, Z Allergies Inc. finished the month up 2.87% to spite missing market earning’s expectation’s.

The energy sector featured a volatile month ultimately revealing supply shortages towards the end of the month as new market buying tendencies take effect. Also feeling resistance and tightness, knee related capital disappointed market expectations with fear about future earnings performance looking to keep share prices under a great amount of strain. Coolness assets are down following a lack of new investment and an expected return to screw you economics. Unexpected boredom from the music sector has created the worst earnings on record even as listening increases. Friendship assets were hit by addictions and multiple departs, both expected and unexpected causing a sharp decline. However the long term outlook and growth potential appears to be better than current market value. Ending the month’s losers was the photo sector as faulty machinery caused the death of multiple profit streams. As a result the possibility of havoc developing in technology and artistic shares is gaining traction. The Zederal Reserve is considering an intervention as pressure from the loss builds on the creative sector.

Treasuries are mostly down on an overall slump in positive input. Long-term relationships appear to be under strain, while simultaneously new and short term relationships remain under a great deal of pressure as demand can’t find a supply. Overall relational inflation is stable however the Zederal Reserve is watching closely for any surprise risks of deflation.