JZX Update Oct, 06, 2010

September trends were mostly upwards as humor related assets were able to recover from their lack luster start. The running sector was able to continue to climb and looks like October will be able to sustain growth. Diligence in the art industries are paying off as the overall sector has seen strong gains for the past month and analysts are projecting that the overall trend should be mostly upwards. Seasonal allergies are beginning to affect the greater JZBE^ with significant volatility expected in the sinuous and respiratory sectors. Relaxation is seeing an abnormal rise as current market conditions have sparked a surprise advance, which the Zederal Reserve Bank sees as a possible bubble. Stocks to watch this month are mostly in the party and relaxation sectors due to unusual trading conditions and a wedding.

Treasuries had a stable month with a proper amount inflation taking away some of the deflation worries that have been persistent for the past 4 months. Both long and short-term instruments are showing mixed indications moving into the winter.