JZX Update Oct 2nd, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire was the slogan for September’s exchanging as sensational mind fucking was the key to profit making due to the market moving in a million directions at once. Exchange volumes were sporadic and unstable for the whole of the month.

Dirty unprovoked touch and go exchanges in the crowed metro pushed up libido asset earnings, while a sexy girlfriend’s girlfriend lit up fantasy sector production output compensating for lack luster monthly erotic results and tested the limits of the broader market’s discipline.

Downward pressure continued to hammer relationship capital as boredom and indecisiveness saw drinking stocks continue to beat earnings expectations; helping spur a significant increase in alcoholic consumption and demand for the second straight month.

Constipated karma clogged up luck earnings hurting overall positive energy growth and weakening further life development. Over exaggerated fake charm output and wandering eye related capital is thought to be the principal culprit.

Wow shares sprang to life following multiple encounters that were so random they make playing lotto look like a viable future revenue source. However the end results were unable to produce any sustained gains outside of questioning assets.

The spread of Medium and long-term instruments widened due to lack of medium term growth. October is expected to be in the norm with an upside possibility of a slight amount of inflation towards the beginning of the month.