JZX Update Oct. 3rd 2013

October 2nd, 2013,Jason – Hi welcome to the JaZoN Ex update for October 2013. We are joined by JaZoN live on the JaZoN Ex trading floor.

Jason – JaZoN Thanks for joining us.
JaZoN – Thanks for having me.

Jason – Did August’s solitude effect sex sector growth in Sept?
JaZoN – The market saw numerous opportunities for expansion experiencing multiple profitably wet sessions. However volumes remained tame following disruptions from poor inebriated exchanging tactics, honest ethical behavior, and general disruptions due to a hangover output surplus.

Jason – There is a claim you are anti-long term relationship in your investing, are you scared of commitment?
JaZoN – No statistically speaking the market has had more long-term relations then one offs so I bluntly reject that notion and the math proves it.

Jason – How do you see your current relationship status?
JaZoN – I am projecting a 4 to 5 intercourse based exchanging expansion rate, providing I don’t slide into love based profit cycle.

Jason – How fast can you grow your relationships in current market conditions?
JaZoN – Well providing I can avoid the friend zone & achieve a ménage le trios in a reasonable time frame solid growth should happen at latest in the medium term.

Jason – Has aging affected market confidence and attractiveness?
JaZoN – No for the moment the general impression is the market is still in its prime. Continued sports sector growth has helped keep confidence and appearance capital stable.

Jason – Thank you JaZoN I know you have things to do.
JaZoN – Thank you.

Jason – The Zederal Reserve has received positive relation data and raised the Z Relationship Interest Rate from Normal a half a notch to Normal / Good.

For JaZoN & the Z Exchanges Trade Hard.