JZX Update Sep, 03, 2010

August saw cyclical price fluctuations for the greater part of the JZLE^, shares on the broader scale were not able to break through any key price indicators. A steady stream of mixed earnings results caused heavy questioning, hesitation and constant re-evaluation towards the most efficient methods to spur market growth. The creative sectors showed the most expansion as a continual time investment is beginning to produce strong results. Moving off the back of the creative sector technology assets had a highly volatile month reaping havoc on anticipation commodities as advances were coupled with delays in new product delivery. Running saw modest growth however did not meet analysis’s July expectations. None the less, share prices for the sector remain stable, as current earnings are strong. The month’s individual stock best performance came in the Biking Z Transport thanks to the company landing the primary source of transportation for the Z-Exchanges until at least November.

The Z-16 composite index dropped Z Rejection Inc RDL^ for Loneliness Corp. LONE^ as they were not able to meet the strict volume requirements to remain listed on the index. All pricing and historical data has been revised to include Loneliness Corp.

Overall the biggest losers for the month were allergy related stocks as August traditionally proves to be calm. Also losing were shopping assets due to a lack of income weighing down the entire sector minus food. More disconcerting was the fall in all comedy commodities as laughing was pushed down by a rise in reclusive tendencies, coupled with an inability of the market to make others laugh.

Treasuries are mostly down as deflationary risks are the highest they have been in all of 2010. Repetitive boredom has put downward pressure on all of the long-term instruments; while short-term futures remain slow with questionable growth going into the new month. The ZRB^ is ready to step in with possible intervention if the deflationary pressure does not alleviate shortly.