JZX Update Sep, 03, 2011

Earthquakes and hurricanes rattled and shook markets as an exciting month came to a close. August featured massive growth in overindulgence, followed by extreme earnings in guilt related shares as the possibility of strong gains in the weight industries become ever more present, erasing the past two months of growth in the sports sector.

The second half of the month was dominated by vacation related earnings that provided strength to traditional pleasure and family capital markets. JaZoN & Jason Inc. & ZFriendship Tech. shares pushed each other to yearly highs as exchange volumes with historical market players soared. A surprise rise in the mouth sector occurred after the continued intervention of, “breath savers,” breath mints replaced garlic consumption, however a limited long term supply looks to hit earnings in the near term. Multiple late afternoon promenades spurred unexpected growth in Z Reminiscing Inc. shares, and helped increase the projected earnings for the nostalgic sector into the end of the third quarter. Erotic assets rose and stayed up due largely to new natural production locations. However a return to the quotidian and confined spaces may hamper continued growth in the sector.

The month’s losses were equally in large part due to the vacation dominated second half. Chemical support dried up an oversupply of acid in the stomach sector bring down digestive related pain shares, even as sea sickness cause a brief spike in earnings. Dead plants hit neighbor assets strong as lack of water proved fatal to broader vegetal commodities. The logistically imposed dry-dock on the swimming sector caused a steady decline in the arm sector. Losses look to be short term though as the pool comes back online. The intellectual industries were stupefied due to continued aversion to deep thought throughout the last two weeks of the month. Though the sector has already principally rebounded. The final loser for August was in the self pleasuring assets as the market libido benefited from greater access to better profit streams.

Treasuries are mostly up on solid relationship reports. Inflation has remained in the projected ranges and, at least in the near term, remains stable. Erotic dollar / Z Bond demand has been particularly strong among investors. The Zederal Reserve is confident in the medium to long term out look of the bond markets.