JZX Update Sept, 3, 2012

Old age hit coolness assets as the normal volume of looks exchanging with the opposite sex failed, continually, to find buyers. Serge Gainsbourg, Pabst blue ribbon, and a Smith & Wesson .357 magnum combined to be an explosive mix helping overall market testosterone supply increase & intellectual, red neck, macho shares project mostly higher. Exchanging volumes were low, slow, and not very accurate.

Leading August’s winners, relaxation related stocks kicked back and started drinking; sparking a massive rally in drunken shares and a rise in morning headache related market industrials. Demand for fermented beverages also helped sustain the increased production of fat assets, rolling over from July’s strong growth.
Lie based exchanging performed better than expected as continual efforts to gain free booze from other traders sparked a bullshit rise in indifferent conversation production.
Good-bye hugs squeezed affection capital up & helped boost questioning shares about the where & whys of the most profitable place to do life exchanging.

Losing ground during August penis shares fell impotent due to a lack of erotic activity combined with a decrease in libido demand. The Zedearl Reserve has intervened by increasing the pornographic supply with a trip to the full nudity, poll dancing championships’ and augmenting the streaming of adult oriented capital with limited success on exchanging volumes or deflation.

Treasuries were stable all around to spite deflationary pressures from the low exchanging volumes due to the vacation season. September is expected to be inline with normal relational experiences.