JZX Vacation Survey Update June 2016

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The Z Exchanges Surveyed JaZoN Ex. Holiday investors and found an unsurprising correlation between an increased investor appetite for energy sector stocks when vacation related companies profits rise.

“Overall increases in energy reserves, hence increased importance on energy, are evident during a strong vacation season,” says Diane C, director of Mother Knows Best Corporation. “We believe the benefits of a solid vacation reverberate throughout the whole entire positive side of the JaZoN Ex. and it clearly needs an injection of happy as the humor sector as whole is doing better than the first quarter of 2016, but still isn’t functioning at as high a level as it saw during its peak in 2008.”

Albeit the market’s continual advancing age could be affecting humor and energy sector growth we agree that holiday profits can really help influence both. Crystal clear warm blue water and secluded soft white sand beaches are really good for moral, one of the key underlying factors in generating humor revenue, and increasing energy reserves.  Eating intake increases also help provide a double whammy in sleeping production, and happiness output. During a normal holiday investing season Z Eats Industries is always a hot investor pick. Followed fairly closely by the corresponding expansion in Zo Fat Corp.’s balance sheet.

All in our survey confirmed what is already a horribly kept secret. Quality vacation profits will also help boost energy sector stocks, and supplies. Look for your investment opportunities now before the end of the 3rd quarter when it all goes away.

The Zederal Reserve is considering multiple reports of stagnation among its board members and has decided to lower the overall Z Relationship Interest Rate to “alright.”