JZX Wasted time Update



Wasted time is a major and growing problem for the JaZoN Ex.

Overall JaZoN Ex. companies waste up to 50 percent more output today than they did in the 2000’s, according to National Institutes of Z Life. And the Zederal Reserve last year declared its first ever, market wide wasted life stagnation.


Now life waste — and lost time in general — is getting to be such a big problem that many companies are having a difficult time managing their own projected life growth. The generalized life growth slow down, in turn, is taking more time and energy to restart and is holding progression assets (& life profits) artificially low.


This all partly explains why some JaZoN Ex. sectors have been trying out new commercial products as a way to reduce life’s time waste and transform their respective output, and profits into renewable stable sources of income.


In the creative sector, for example, art production companies have turned to more classical object making with the hopes of expanding commercial growth that will help life growth profits advance. “A woman has a set clock to establish a family,” said the chief analyst from Z Girlfriend inc. She made the comments in a conversation about life growth going into the future. After two years of significant patience the company wants to see more life stability and profits very quickly.


“It’s sounds counterintuitive that doing less of what the market loves may actual expand overall life growth,” Michael Keleman, a life engineer for Z Optimist, tells Z Exchanges. And yes, making lemonade out of sour lemons is essential to progressing for the JaZoN Ex. and every other market worldwide.