JZX WTF Life Update

Z Lucky Corp. has seen a catastrophic decline in its share price at the start of 2017 JaZoN Ex. market action.  Taking into count the luck ebb and flow that happens during normal life trading the question, Where’s the luck gone? still has to be asked. JaZoN Thinking Corp. has recently took up the task trying  to reply.

So far they have found that as Z Economy matures overall opportunity seems to diminish despite the amount of work put into succeeding. That is a very freighting perspective considering JaZoN Ex. can’t be considered old and has had very little success to reflect on if its best days are  already behind it. The market has certainly passed certain milestones but they ultimately have led to dead ends with favor and luck going to the most simple and safe artistic projects. Reproductions of toilets, flashing sirens, and bruce lee jump suites, really? Is that truly what our world is today?

JaZoN Thinking went on to state that the market being based in Paris appears to be another culprit in artificially reducing luck production. Young X-Patriot American artists are not sexy to the French art world, and JaZoN Ex. clearly doesn’t fit into any traditional French mold. We can even go as far to say the whole of the Z Economy has developed outside of any movement or tendency, and has never been fashionable. The French are clearly not risk takers in the contemporary art scene, which is terrible for anyone who dares to be, especially artists. Add to that massive levels of competition and what appears to be a real appreciation for cultural conservatism and it spells doom for Z Lucky Corp. cashing in on an abundance of luck.

They also found the problem of a huge lack of aggressive extrovertism.* Self-promotion isn’t a JaZoN Ex. strong point. The market doesn’t tolerate stupidity kindly, internally or externally. Albeit JaZoN Ex. has no problem talking about itself,( for sure), it does have a huge problem imposing itself on anyone else; and an even bigger problem conforming to a 500 word manifesto, or three line explanation. Nothing that has ever meant anything to the Z Economy can be resumed in 500 words or explained in three lines. It seems like there is a plague of simplicity today infecting the cultural world and thus killing everything that isn’t superficially handsome or shallow. It is as if it can’t be understood in a second it isn’t worth knowing.

The other reason they gave for the utter disaster in Luck production despite strong demand is the continual market’s desire to try, try, try again, and reach way beyond all of its boundaries, both creatively and professionally. The consequences of which are easy to imagine, failure. Two examples over the first two months of 2017 can be found in Expo production, Z Economy. has been shortlisted twice only to ultimately be rejected. One of the rejections that was particularly hard happened after not being included into an exhibition about contemporary self-portraits. The primary subject of the JaZoN Ex. for the last 10 years. This may bode well for failure capital, but it has destroyed self-esteem related assets, augmented depression output, and infused a total sense of worthlessness to JaZoN Ex.’s ego sector. All of which exacerbates the lack of desire to impose strongly on other people to advance. A very necessary part of success and luck production.

The ultimate take from the JaZoN Thinking report was that breaking the cycle of no luck is not about working harder, going faster, or being the best. It seems that life is destine to be one crushing defeat after another, and mediocrity is the taste of the time. JaZoN Ex. can ether dumb it down to the slowest people in the room who still think a toilet from a hundred years ago is scandalous and interesting, or keep failing and being unlucky. So long as Z Economics take  more than a minute to understand, and don’t fit into any boxes easily you probably shouldn’t count on knowing where the luck has gone.

*Extrovertism, the desire to promote one’s self at all costs.