She Don’t Love Z

JZX A One Sided Love Capital

Zo Creative has injected significant love capital into Jeune Orpheline au Cimetière despite a checkered past of earnings. It may turn out to be a significant error as the past 20 years of all affection based investment towards the oeuvre has yielded limited returns. The company spokes person told us, “in 1998 when we first met her it was a connection unlike anything the market had previously experienced. Even today JaZoN Ex. has a very strong link with her, even if it is considerable different than all those years ago. We are expecting her to continue to produce high quality muse capital going into the future. Wether or not she speaks to us.“ 

Only time will tell how the significance of the relationship’s influence on art sector companies and feeling capital production, or if it will payout going into the future.