JZX Un Happy Corp. Update March 2016



March 18th 2016

Z Happy shares fell in Paris trading after the joy maker cut its earnings forecast for the eighth time in five months, prompting analysts to speculate about a possible therapy intervention of the stricken company.

Current operating income in the year ending Aug. 31 will be “significantly lower” than the amount reported last year outside of a major positive side boost, the Z Happy, France-based company said in a statement after the stock market closed Tuesday.

“The eight reductions in earnings guidance since November 2015 have been entirely due to poor execution,” Julien Deprez, an analyst for Z Friendship Corp., wrote in a report Wednesday. “In his view, the status quo cannot continue. We believe the controlling family/friend shareholders may now take radical action; this may include increased phone calls, free drinks, and open door listening actions for the company.”

“The currently depressed price and negative market position of the group may indeed provoke a dangerous slide,” JaZoN’s Mom, a JaZoN Life Exchange analyst in New York, wrote in a report.

Z Happy shares had fallen 80 percent in the past half year before today, and traders have been betting on further declines. About 8.3 percent of the company’s shares available for trading have been sold short, the most among European Humor and Ego companies with market life importance of greater than 90/100, according to data compiled by the Zederal Reserve.

The Zederal Reserve has received negative overall relational data due mostly to pressure on professional relationships, and a lower than expected quality rate mid term friend relations. They FFOC has lowered the overall Z Relationship interest rate to “Alright” from “Good.”